About ME

Do you realy wanna know about me..hehehe..i got overload confident now.

My name is Viki kusuma indra yani. U can call me Viki. I am just ordinary people and only simple girl. Ehmm even though in fact my life isn’t simple… so many story happen in my life and isn’t easy to pass. And I don’t know am i a strong women or not now.

My age.. Hemm i’m not teenager again. But i haven’t be a women. i only litle girl in 21 years old now.

My daily activity is be student and worker holic. and of course be a blogger.. LOL.. I’m working in a business Web Design & IT. so all my day always about networking. I also open a olshop for my side job to get much money. I do this because i must pay for my college. Now i’m still live with my parents. Someday i want live alone and not disturb my parents again. i got much annoying in my house last time… kekekeke.. i hope next year can do that

Ok. that’s was about my personal identity. Truely i have so much story to say but i dont’t know. How  should i get started??. About love??? It’s so boring to tell the story. About my hoby…???..hemmm ok this is a litle interesting. But i’ll need so much time to write this..LOL.. next time i’ll post it..^^

OK.. Enough for this..see u next time for my new post..^^..


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